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Research advances in the mechanisms of tumor stem cells on the radiotherapy effects of NSCLC

He Huanyu, Jiang Xiao, Zhang Kunming, et al


【Abstract】 Cancer stem cell (CSC)is a kind of cell subpopulation with the tumor initiation potential, self-renewal and unlimited proliferation. It is closely related to local recurrence and distant metastasis of tumors as well as the root cause of resistance to radiotherapy. Non-small-cell lung cancer is a malignant tumor with high incidence and mortality rate. It has been confirmed that CSC subsets with stem cell characteristics in non-small-cell lung cancer. At present, CSCs of non-small-cell lung cancer are mainly obtained by isolating a series of cells with immunophenotypes such as CD133. CSC mediates the radiotherapy resistance of non-small-cell lung cancer through mechanisms such as DNA damage, cell autophagy, and hypoxic tumor microenvironment. In this review, the biological characteristics, immunophenotypic expression and the molecular mechanism of radiotherapy resistance of CSC in non-small-cell lung cancer were reviewed in order to provide relevant evidence for the improvement of radiotherapy efficacy in non-small -cell lung cancer.

【Key words】 Cancer stem cells; Non-small-cell lung cancer; Radiotherapy